Bobby Fouther
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Specialty – Dances of the African Diaspora
West African Dance (Lamba – harvest celebration style)
Afro-Brazilian Dance (Samba – parade style)
Dances of the 60’s/Civil Rights Movement

Africa to America: A Dance History Presentation (1600-2010)
An emersion in the influence of a history and culture through movement.

This residency includes a series of classes designed to develop a student performance/presentation for the school and surrounding community. The participating students will create a full production with classroom and individual projects in support of a school day and evening performance.

Residencies booked outside of the Portland, Oregon metropolitan area must include additional fees for transportation, lodging and per diem for the duration for the residency.
Grades 5 – 12 (residency only)

Global Jump
On this journey, students will become globe jumpers and learn movement traditions from West Africa, Brazil and America's hip hop generation. Using a blend of dance forms and related production elements, students as a group will work together towards a common goal—creating their own fantastic dance work. Get those dancing feet ready.
Grades 3 – 8 (one week workshop)

Under the Griot’s Tree
A fabulous interactive live performance featuring dance, story telling, song, a coloring contest, rhythms and even a little geography. So get your map skills ready.
Grades k – 4 (student matinee)

Contact the artist for prices of performance projects.
Some projects can be designed as site specific.